The Sexual Wellbeing Clinic

Specialist Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling Clinic in Cambridge

​​​​Common Sexual & Relationship Problems

At Sexual Wellbeing Clinic, we work with a wide range of male and female sexual and relationship problems, including:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Erectile difficulties
  • Sexual arousal difficulties in women
  • Rapid (premature) ejaculation
  • Delayed or inhibited ejaculation
  • Orgasm difficulties in women
  • Vaginismus and sexual pain
  • Unwanted or compulsive sexual behaviour (including sex and porn addiction)
  • Sexual problems and life events
  • Sexual attraction and sexual orientation concerns
  • Sexual confidence problems
  • Sexual satisfaction issues

We also work with various relationship difficulties such as:

  • Relationship or marital conflict
  • Arguing and poor communication
  • Intimacy issues
  • Trust
  • Affairs
  • Relationship dissatisfaction​​​​​

Please note that if we start working together and, in due course, we feel you may benefit from the experiences and expertise of my knowledgable and highly-skilled medical or talking-therapy colleagues, we will refer you to them who can help you better with your problems.